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To satisfy every woman's desires, thirsts & passions towards Jewelry.

Anugerah Kedai Pilihan Rakyat 1 Malaysia

Company Overview

  Goldfinch Jewelry Established since 1997. Our mission is to satisfy every woman's desires, thirsts & passions Expert In Jewelry Since 1997 by Goldfinch Jewelry

  In year 1975, there are 2 brothers was planning to be a goldsmith, manufacture their own jewelry & supplies to shops in Malaysia.

  As a beginner to be a goldsmith, thats not easy at all. They learned everything from their experienced master. The 2 brothers worked for more than 16 hours per day. They followed their goldsmith master for about 10 years time.

  Time flies, 10 years passed. They were full of knowledge now on how to make quality jewelry. In year 1991, they established SHS trading and started their small business. They faced a lot of problems such as customers lack of confidence on their products due to they just started their business. But, they never give up, they finally successful to persuaded few owners of the shops.

  When they thought that everything will goes smoothly, something had happened. The owner from the jewelry shop ran away after getting the jewelry. This really caused a very big strike for the 2 brothers, but they still never give up. They re-planned everything and learned from mistakes. After been struggles for sometimes, they succeeded & their business grew bigger and bigger.

  After 3 years time, they supplied to more than 20 jewelry's shop in different state of Malaysia. They begin their first jewelry shop in Kepala Batas, Penang in year 2010. But they shut down their shop in 2012 due to lack of experience on doing retails.

  End of 2012, they reopen their jewelry shop named as "Goldfinch Jewelry" in Kuala Ketil, Kedah. This time, they learned from mistakes. They try to maintain their business by doing something different than other competitors. After 1 year, they awarded as "Kedai Pilihan Rakyat 1 Malaysia" by government Malaysia.

  Our aim is to bring out quality jewelry with affordable prices. We hope that all the customers satisfy with our product and service. Although we are not the biggest jewelry shop in Malaysia, but we hope we are the different ones.

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Office Address
No 10, Jalan Raya 09300 Kuala Ketil,
Kedah, Malaysia

Office Number: 04-4160534